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Facts About St. Placebo Effects…

Follow the links for info on actual placebo studies (and to see just how much St. Placebo loves you and all your latest health expectations):

Two placebo pills work better than one.

Bigger pills work better.

So do colored pills.

Fake surgery is amazing.

Vertebroplasty, injecting cement in a fractured spine, is very effective in relieving pain. So is placebo surgery in which no cement is injected. Saint Placebo!

Hypnotism speeds recovery after surgery.

Empathic doctors giving placebos see better results than hurried doctors.

Fake performance enhancers make runners faster.

Diazepam does nothing if you don’t know you’ve taken it.

Placebos are just as good as most anti-depressants for mild to medium depression.

Z-drugs used as sleeping pills owe 50% of their effectiveness to St. Placebo.

• You can take a placebo, know it’s a placebo, and St. P. still comes through!

St. Placebo… always a big booster of your current health belief!